Final Render



MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 1166 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 1069 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 1040 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 1018 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 982 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 939 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 851 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 833 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 788 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 679 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 603 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 600 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 535 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 451 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 377 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 363 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 333 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 286 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 148 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 111 MovieCapture_1280x720_1.00 29


development of building

3D modeling progress:


21 22




These images show all of the 3D assets which i created for the video game.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.5 9 10 11 12 13





name management outliner

This shows how I kept my outliner neat and tidy so it is easier to understand where each object is in the secene



This shows how a messy UV can make texturing much harder and can make the seam to end and start in a place where is easy to see.





These shows the development of my texturing.



Untitled2 Untitled3

When creating assets for my house project i had to make sure the sizes of theses assets were correct as the image above the door is tiny compare to the chair this told me that the chair and other assets around the door need to be smaller to make the content work together



code not working controller

This was my blue print to create a player camera but didn’t work correctly as when you move forward it wouldn’t stop when the user releases the button, instead the player keeps moving forward.

story for video game ‘Do You Know’

Story for Video Game:


The player plays as a 8 year old child who is looking for there parent inside there house. This would mean the camera would be longer down to the ground to give the player the same perspective of what a 8 year old child would. The house looks solid and looks nice however as the player walks thought the house it starts to fall apart with doors which are broken, lamps on the floor, just a few examples of how the house doesn’t look like it does on the outside. This was to show that the parent in the game had an mental house as having a metal illness is very hard to notice and can not been seen from the outside. The goal of the game is to look for letters which gives the player clues to what might have happened to there parent in the video game. The letters would start off with every day actives like going shopping for example. Theses letters would start to tell the user more information about the parents mental illness and would end on a type of suicide note which isn’t to obvious to what has happen but in a more subtle way as this would make the player think more about what has happened. By using a child for the player it makes the house to feel more scary and alone as the camera is lower to the floor, these feelings are very common to have when someone is dealing with an mental illness.

interactive game examples and ideas


Gone home:

Gone Home is a first-person interactive story adventure game developed by Fullbright.

Set in the year 1995, the plot focuses on exploration of a mansion in Portland, Oregon, and examining common household objects within the home.

here are no set goals in the game, however the game encourages and rewards the player when they explore new areas of the house and search for new messages. Much of the interactivity rests upon looking at objects within the house.

About Gone Home

the stanley parable:

The Stanley Parable is a first person exploration game. You will play as Stanley, and you will not play as Stanley. You will follow a story, you will not follow a story. You will have a choice, you will have no choice. The game will end, the game will never end. Contradiction follows contradiction, the rules of how games should work are broken, then broken again. This world was not made for you to understand.

But as you explore, slowly, meaning begins to arise, the paradoxes might start to make sense, perhaps you are powerful after all. The game is not here to fight you; it is inviting you to dance.

The player can move around and perform interactions with certain elements of the environment, such as pressing buttons or opening doors, but has no other controls. The story is primarily presented to the player via the voiceover of the game’s narrator, who explains that the protagonist Stanley works in an office building, tasked to monitor data coming on a computer screen and press buttons appropriately without question.

Dear Esther:

Dear Esther features virtually no puzzles or tasks. The player’s only objective is to explore an unnamed island in the Hebrides, listening to a troubled man read a series of letters to his deceased wife. Details of her mysterious death are revealed as the player moves throughout the island.

Her story:

In the game, players use a database of police video clips to solve the case of a missing man. In the game players sort through video clips from these interviews, containing answers from questions asked to a British woman about her missing husband, by searching a database in an old computer. A crime fiction game with non-linear storytelling, Her Story revolves around a police database full of live action video footage.

Referring to the use of live action video in the game, a novelty in modern videogames, Barlow says “The aesthetic is True Detective via Blair Witch. I’m interested in showing that accessible technologies such as video offer a powerful way for indie games to showcase a performance. I am also putting the spotlight on the modern phenomena of the Youtube Jury, in which police forces distribute the footage of intimate suspect interviews for armchair detectives to dissect. You see it in cases such as those of Jodi Arias and Amanda Knox — cases where the suspects’ stories themselves get lost amongst the torrent of cliches and prejudices that the videos elicit.”

Until dawn:

Until Dawn was announced for the PlayStation 3 at Gamescom 2012. On 26 May 2015, Sony announced that the game would be released on 25 August 2015

the game mechanics utilize an in-game system called the “Butterfly Effect” in which any choice of action by the player may cause unforeseen consequences later on. We re-designed, re-built and re-wrote the game so now you have a more mature, darker and fundamentally more terrifying experience on PS4.  we’ve moved from first person to third person perspective. This allows a much more cinematic experience for you, so you feel completely immersed in this beautiful but spine-chilling world.

Until Dawn: New PS Move Horror Game Announced for PS3

Until Dawn Unveiled for PS4

Valiant Hearts: The Great War:

The game is inspired by letters written during the Great War and has four characters on the battlefield help a young German soldier find his love in this story about survival, sacrifice and friendship.

Paranormal examples:

Blair witch project (film);

They wrote the script more as an outline because they had always planned for the dialogue to be improvised by their actors in order to make the story seem real.

it looked real enough: The film was shot and edited as if it genuinely were a work of nonfiction, and, while it was not the first fiction feature to adopt the form of a documentary, it was among the most prominent to do so convincingly. The film’s producers planted phony news reports confirming the disappearance and unknown fate of its stars, posted authentic-seeming videos on the film’s official website corroborating their story, encouraged debate on forums and message boards by forging anecdotes and first-hand accounts by mocked-up users, and, in a stroke of brilliance, convinced the then-burgeoning IMDB to list the film’s cast and crew as “missing, presumed dead”, he found footage genre, reinvigorated by Paranormal Activity in 2009 and going strong ever since, plainly wouldn’t exist without this, nor would the movement over the last decade away from slasher mania toward a simpler, more pared-down kind of horror spectacle.

Paranormal activity (film)

Found footage

Doors crash closed, the bed sheets billow, prints are found in the white powder scattered on the polished floor. There is no monster, virtually no blood. There are tantalisingly long moments of silence and static shots are preferred to the usual jerky, handheld frenzy of DIY horror movies. The film looks, sounds and feels very homemade



Decay the mare

5 nights of Freddy

Home sick


Dear Esther

Beyond two souls


Psychological examples:


The swapper


Alan wake

Dead space

Among the sleep

Alice madness returns

The evil within

Papers please

Never ending nightmares

Until dawn

Heavy rain


Walking simulator games:

The Long Dark: